Are you Recital Ready?


Is your little dancer ready for her first recital?

[ 1 ]  Nude Bodyliner – Perfect for costume changes. They come in a variety of styles to work with different costumes including options with nude or clear straps.

[ 2 ] Tights – Always good to have a back up pair!

[ 3 ] Hair Accessories – Hairnets, bobby pins & bun builders: everything to help build a beautiful bun that will withstand any performance! Start with the Bun Builder to help form the perfect bun. Then use the Hairnets help to tame      the flyaway hairs. They are  available in multiple shades of  blonde, brown, black & auburn.  Then secure it with u shaped  Bobby Pins  that are designed  specially to better keep buns in place. And of course finish it off with hairspray!

[ 4 ] Cuddly Recital Bear – This adorable little bear makes the perfect recital gift for your little dancer!

[ 5 ] Dance Bag – A special bag to keep everything organized and ready to go for the upcoming dance recital!

[ 6 ] Dance Shoes – And of course most importantly all necessary dance shoes!


What every ballerina needs to be ready for any performance…


[ 1 ] Cosmetic Bag – A perfect way to organize everything from make up, hair accessories to any other small items that you need to keep handy. The cosmetic bag pictured is by Bloch and has four zippered compartments to keep everything organized. It rolls up much smaller and is secured by an elastic so it does not take up much room in your dance bag!

[ 2 ] Toe Tape – Always good to have available to help keep your toes happy through long rehearsals and of the course the performance!

[ 3 ] Bobby Pins – Special u shaped bobby pins are a ballerina’s best friend when it comes to securing a perfect bun. The u shaped design helps to prevent the bobby pins from popping back out.

[ 4 ] Hair Nets & Bun Builders – Two important items to help build a beautiful secure bun! Both hair nets and bun builders are available in a wide variety of shades to match any beautiful hair color.

[ 5 ] Toe Pads – A new pair of toe pads are always good to have in your dance bag during performance season. It is a small thing to make your toes extra happy!

[ 6 ] Tights – Also good to have a back up pair or two just in case!

[ 7 ] Nude Bodyliner – An essential part of any dancer’s recital bag, nude bodyliners are perfect for quick costume changes! There are multiple style options of bodyliners to fit every dancer’s costume needs. There are options with lower backs and ones with nude or clear straps.  There is also the option of nude bras with and without padding.

[ 8 ] Water bottle – It is always important to stay hydrated during rehearsals and performances. This water bottle will help keep you hydrated and motivated with its inspirational quote…”She believed she could__so she did”

And so will you this recital season and we look forward to helping you make this happen in anyway we can at the dancer’s pointe!