Pointe Shoe Fitting

Specialized Experience in Fitting Pointe Shoes for Over 20 Years

We specialize in the exciting and complicated world of pointe shoes.  With over 22 styles of pointe shoes you are sure to find the pair that gives your feet their happiest fit. Our designated pointe shoe fitter, Kathy Kear has been fitting pointe shoes for over twenty years and she loves helping dancer’s find their perfect pair of shoes.

What do you need to know about your pointe shoe fitting?

1. Appointments are appreciated but not necessary.
2. If you have worn pointe shoes before be sure to bring your previous pair of pointe shoes with you to the fitting.

First time getting pointe shoes?  The following Pointe Shoe Fitting FAQ offers answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Pointe Shoe Fitting FAQ

What happens in a first time pointe shoe fitting?

First Kathy looks at your feet to determine their general shape.  This suggests the styles that will best work with your unique feet.  Next she selects a number of pointe shoes for you to try on.  With each new shoe she has you stand up on pointe at the bar.  Here she checks over the shoes to see how they work with your feet.  After finding a few styles that she thinks will work she then has you try each on again with different padding to find the padding that best supports you.  From here Kathy is able to narrow it down to the perfect pair for your feet.

How long does a first time pointe shoe fitting take?

The first time you get fitted for your pointe shoes it takes anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes.  This allows Kathy the time to make sure you walk away with your best fit.  Subsequent pointe shoe fittings generally take much less time.


What do I take home when I buy a pair of pointe shoes?

You will, of course, be taking home your brand new pair of pointe shoes.  But you will also need padding, ribbons and elastic.

How do pointe shoe styles differ from each other?

Like feet no two styles of pointe shoes are exactly the same shape.  Each style has a different shape of the box, shank strength, length of the vamp and many other factors.  All of these are important in finding the perfect fit for each individual foot.

Do I need to make an appointment for my first time pointe shoe fitting?

Yes, appointments are appreciated, however they are not required.  A first time pointe shoe fitting is an exciting experience and we want to make sure we have the opportunity to give you all the attention you deserve.  An appointment allows us to make sure we have the time to serve you best.  Appointments are even more important during back to school time, as we are exceptionally busy at this time.